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  • Are Web developers Paid Higher in The Porn industry?

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    Generating revenues worth billions and forming majority of data traffic on web, the porn industry is a major force on the internet. This industry has a dedicated, ever increasing and demanding customer base. This makes it necessary for the porn industry to be at the forefront of innovation especially in the fields of online transactions, video content, mobile and interactive content. However this industry is also one of the most secretive and very little to no information is available on conventional sources despite the enormous number of such sites on the internet.

    No wonder then that porn web design poses a great opportunity for web developers. Like any similar industry, here too salaries vary depending on different reasons. A developer working for a well-established large website can expect similar to higher salaries to other equivalent e-commerce companies. Porn web design involves SEO optimization, online transactions, privacy, database management and developing interactive services. Actual web development is an annual affair. Such companies will need full time developers. But there are few such sites.

    Smaller sites would prefer to outsource their work and employs a large number of freelancers. This means working for lower salaries. Moreover because of the stigma associated with the industry there is high rate of attrition.

    In conclusion the porn industry would keep any web developer on his toes. Many porn sites allow their developers large amount of creativity and freedom. However like any other highly competitive industry this too comes with its challenges.